Custom Radio Stations Quick Member FAQs

1. Changing music formats is as simple as pressing a button. Messaging stays the same no matter which music station is selected.

2. Between songs unobtrusive produced messages play about your products, services & events.

3. Your staff & customers have the ability to voice radio messages which will broadcast. We have an online hi-quality recording app which works on any phone Iphone or Android.

4. Messages can be set to any desired frequency. Between every 2-4 songs is recommended.

5. Every 24 hours your radio system will automatically update itself, adding new songs and recorded content. There is no interuption to programming that is broadcasting.

6. A business owner can advertise in as many vendors or businesses as they choose.

​7. Notorized message reporting is available for advertisers so they know they got what they paid for.

8. Business tier music licensing is included with your custom radio station.

9. To help our broadcast locations develop an advertising base we will provide you with customized marketing materials and sales assistance.

10. Add as many advertisers to your radio station as your choose. 

​11. It's easy to add new messages, or contact us to produce updated content, just visit our audio center.

12. Does my radio sound cluttered with local commercials? No. They are short and to the point and sound major league. 

13. When I sell advertising does Custom Radio Stations take a percentage? No. The only thing the advertiser will pay for is each time  a new commerial is created for them. There is a $50 production & voice over fee. 

14. Can I day-part my messaging? Yes.

15. Can I update my messaging weekly or daily? Yes. Ask for our High Frequency Tiers.

​16.  Do I have to have commercials play? No.  It's just a way you can make money if you choose to or not.

​17.  Can I just have messages play about my business? Yes.

​18. Can I just play music with no messaging? Yes.

Your Customers Are Valuable To Advertisers